Автор: Maks Ноя 20, 2020

Russian history is inseparable from mankind’s history. Any person considered enlightened and well rounded in erudition is obliged to include in this leamedness some factual knowledge about Russia and Russians. Thousands upon thousands of creative people and a virtually unlimited number of provocative events created Russia, established the country’s place in the modem world, gave it a wealth of cultural tradition, provided mankind with a virtual Solomon’s mine of scientific, technical and political knowledge.

The book the reader now holds in hand, Vivat Russia, presents in compact form a number of the fascinating episodes and magnetic personalities who shaped Russia’s destiny and propelled the country into the forefront of the world’s affairs. Politics play a rather minuscule role in this work, though that field too is touched upon. The editors’ chief aim has been to place special emphasis on Russia’s scientific, cultural and heroic achievements.

Each chapter gives the reader a capsulated summary of an event or person in Russia’s thousand-year history. The number of worthy happenings and distinguished individuals could make this book many times longer; however, the scope is sufficient to demonstrate Russia’s gigantic contribution to world civilization.

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