The Romanov dinasty

Автор: Maks Ноя 23, 2020

In October 1612 the Second Opolchenie, or people’s v olunteer army, of Kuzma Minin and Prince Pozharsky freed Moscow from the occupying forces of the Polish army. With the volunteer army’s triumphant entrance into Moscow , the period in Russian history known as the Time of Troubles was at last drawing to a close. Much of Moscow, howev er, had been laid waste by the occupying army. Streets were barren stretches of land, palaces and cathedrals stood without roofs, all that could serve as fuel or tinder had been burnt to ashes.

Patriarch Filaret having been taken prisoner, Metropolitan Cyril not only performed the duties of patriarch but also served as head of state pro tempore. The first measure taken was to let it be formally announced to all Russians that Moscow had been freed from its captors. The proclamations that were sent throughout the land also notified the people that delegated emissaries from different parts of Russia and from all levels of the populace would assemble in Moscow to choose a new tsar.

In January 1613 the land assembly known as the Zemsky Sobor was summoned to Uspensky Cathedral in the Kremlin. Before making their decision electors were to fast for three days, that God might “give them understanding» for the burdensome task they were about to undertake. Stormy discussions and negotiations continued until 21 February, on which date Michael, son of Feodor, Romanov was pronounced tsar in the following declaration: “Hereby be it decreed that God hath chosen as Tsar Michael, son of Feodor, Romanov, who is proclaimed forefather to his line of rulers over Russia, from descendant to descendant, who shall answer for their actions to the Heavenly Lord. And whosoever shall this oppose, be he king, patriarch or any person, shall be condemned for all time by suffering excommunication from the Holy Trinity.” On Sunday, 2 May 1613, Michael Romanov was joyously received by all of Moscow as he passed through the Epiphany Gates. When Michael was crowned tsar by Metropolitan Ephrem on 11 May, the house of Romanov commenced its three-century rule over Russia.

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